Food scientists from hell?

January 21st, 2010

Check this out…    

Twenty days into 2010

January 20th, 2010

Four (4) pounds lost so far… Not exactly what I had hoped, but still a step in the right direction.

Daily average:
2.169 kcal
Protein   126 grams  (23,5 E%)
Carbs    100 grams   (18,5 E%)
Fat        142 grams   (58 E%)

Weight Loss Challenge 2010, update

January 5th, 2010

Five days into the new year I’ve lost 1,6 kg of (over)weight (around 3 pounds).

Still busy losing “X-mas-gain” meaning considerable percentage is
water, the going will get tougher in a couple of days…  

Weight loss Challenge 2010

January 1st, 2010

The Cahallenge for 2010 is to do the best you can…

Two of my personal goals are to lose another 68 pounds and to run a half marathon, what’s yours?

It’s a rather ambitious goal and judging from my track record my chance to succeed is similar to a snowball’s chance in hell…

So I haven’t made a New Year’s resolution out of succeeding in my project, my promise is just to give it my very best effort!

Weight loss so far for me has been rather mediocre 43 pounds since July 2006 starting att 278 pounds. Now it’s time to really get things happening…

The blue line in the graph below i history, the red dotted line is what I would like to see happen… The little “bump” just under 180 pounds is where I’m supposed to run/jog G:oteborgsvarvet/Gothenburg Half Marathon.

Take part in Weight Loss Challenge 2010!

You don’t have to do anything except giving it your best effort!

But if you want to, I’ll be happy to receive your comments & com-mitments to this post…  I will certainly update my progress on this site.

Good luck!



My Swedish blog…

January 1st, 2010

Why not take a peek at my swedish blog translated into very peculiar english by Google, if you are familiar witith English AND Swedish it is occasionally quite hilarious reading!
Anyway, what’s wrong with a smile on your face while you’re reading… ;-)

Click here for in English

“Fat-crisis” in Vaermland

February 28th, 2009

“Consumers have changed dietary habits and the consumption of dairy products with more fat has increased”

says Swedish Dairy company Milko’s public relations officer Lena Holm to Swedish newspapers, commenting on the fact that the company faces problems on the supply side of cream.

Margarine anyone?

Low Carb Potato sallad

January 26th, 2009

 Homemade potato salad, 2 servings

Two small / medium-sized cold potatoes (135 grams) 
40 g mayonnaise 
40 grams sour cream 
10 grams french mustard 
20 grams finely chopped cucumber sandwich

Per portion: Per serving:
Kcal:                   272 
Protein:                  2 grams (3% E) 
Carbohydrates:    13 grams (20 E%) 
Fat:                      23 grams (77 E%)  

Combined with som bacon, sausages or other meat it could very well fit in to my kind of “liberal” Lowcarb-diet. If you would really like to go low on carbs replace all or som of the potato with black radish.

The Fat War

November 15th, 2008

LowCarb community in Sweden is looking forward to tomorrow night when one of the most important and influential documentary television programs,”Kalla Fakta” (”Cold Facts”) is sending a feature called “Fettkriget” (”The Fat War”).

Kalla fakta  Del 12 av 15
Svenskarna blir allt fetare och experter talar om en fetmapeidimi men varför blir vi fetare? Beror det på att vi är hungrigare i dag eller äter vi fel? Allt fler läkare anser att man bör äta mer fett och färre kolhydrateter, vilket strider mot de statliga kostråden. Reporter Johan Åsard har granskat de vetenskapliga bevisen för att fett är farligt. Reportaget visar också hur forskningen om kostråden påverkas av livsmedelsindustrin som har allt att vinna på folks rädsla för fett.

Cold facts  Part 12 of 15
The population of Sweden is getting fatter and fatter and experts talk about an obesity epidemic. But why do we becom more overweight an d obese? Is it becasuse we are hungrier now than before, or do we eat the wrong food? More and more physicians are of the opinion that we should eat more fat and less carbohydrates, which goes against cost nutritional guidelines issued by government. Reporter Johan Åsard has looked into the scientific evidences for fat being dangerous. The program also shows how research about nutritional guidelines is influenced by the food industry who has everything to win from people fearing fat. 

Göran Persson goes low carb…

November 9th, 2008

Former Swedish prime minister Göran Persson who has struggled with weight problems goes low carb…

As far as one could see he seems to have lost quite a good deal of his “pondus”… At least, he looks a lot happier ;-)


Video clip from John McCains release in North Vietnam

September 14th, 2008

Movie clip from John McCains release from North Vietnam found in Swedish TV archives.

Video link